SCAAN® Model

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Developed by

Pairach Piboonrungroj, PhD

Logistics and Supply Chain Research Centre,
Chiang Mai School of Economics, Chaing Mai University

Powered by

Benjenop Buranasiri, MILT MCIPS
Supply Chain Research Division, North Road AnalyticsTM

SCAAN® (Supply Chain Artificial Audit Neuron) Model is a tool used to study the supply chain of an interested firm and evaluate its performance. According to the name, SCAAN® developed under the process of human neuron to critically thinking.

1. SCAAN® Structure: The IDEAL supply chain planning

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1.1 Identify: customer value
1.2 Design: supply chain structure according to the value
1.3 Extract: processes and players in the supply chain
1.4 Align: resources efficiently and effectively
1.5 Link: supply chain members

SCAAN Presentation - 2014-01-18.pptx

2. SCAAN® Procedure: The 7S Method

1. Sketch the supply chain members
2. Skim the supply chain layer
3. Scan the supply chain flow
4. Scope the supply chain boundary
5. Scale the supply chain performance (SCAAN) matrix
6. Scarify the supply chain weakest link
7. School the supply chain manager

3. SCAAN® Performance: The Triple ERAs (ERA3s) Matrix

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 1.09.10 PM

1. Supply Chain Efficiency = cost to serve
2. Supply Chain Effectiveness = success
3. Supply Chain Effluence = smooth flow
4. Supply Chain Responsiveness = quick response
5. Supply Chain Resilience = bounce back
6. Supply Chain Resistance = to risks and uncertainties
7. Supply Chain Agility = to the change
8. Supply Chain Alignment = seamlessly in the supply chain
9. Supply Chain Adaptability = to the new environment
10. Supply Chain Sustainability = last long


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